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Changes - Posted 2015-05-27

Hydrogold's orgins in 1987 started with the formation of Hydroscapes Australia Pty Ltd in 1987 with Steve Peck ( Since then, there have been many changes. In 1991 Hydroscapes Pte Ltd was established in Singapore and in 2002 Hydrogold Pty Ltd was established in Perth. In 2008 Steve left to work with Total Eden leaving the legacy to John Pryor.

2015 brings about further change. The Asian golf development market is the flatest since I have been involved with it. So, after 28 years and 280 golf courses in 26 countries, it is an ideal opportunity to scale down (but not stop) my involvement in Asia.

Now my focus is on the Australian market, particularly Western Australia. While there is some golf course work in Western Australia, the mainstay of our future work will be Rural Irrigation, servicing the agricultural regions of our state. I am excited to be travelling this wonderful state and look for to meeting new faces while still keeping contact with many of my old acquaintances.

AGCSA Trade Exibition - Wed & Thu, 23 & 24 July 2008

I attended the trade show for the Australian Superintendent's Association Trade Show held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Hydrogold has done over 240 golf courses in 23 countries but ironically we are (by comparison) virtually unknown in the Australian market. So, as a part of Hydrogold's push back into the Australian market (refer to news below of Steve Peck leaving), it was a necessity to attend this premier gathering of the Australian golf industry. It was a great opportunity to meet with many old acquaintences from Asia and who had moved back to Australia. The show also attracted existing players from the Asian market. As well, many new contacts were made.

Steve Peck leaves Hydroscapes Australia - John Pryor arrives - 1 July 2008

After 22 years as the principal of Hydroscapes Australia, Steve Peck has accepted an offer to work at Total Eden. Steve, has left his indelible marks on the irrigation industry. He was involved in the formative years of the old Irrigation Association of Australia (now Irrigation Australia) and served on many government bodies including the former Waters and Rivers Commission. We wish Steve well in his future endeavours.

Steve may be still be emailed at

Click here to read Steve's Letter of Introduction (PDF Format)

John Pryor has been an associate of Steve's since 1989 (Paradise Palms Golf Course in Cairns) and in 1991 moved to Singapore. Since then he has been involved in over 220 golf courses in 23 countries as well as numerous landscape irrigation projects. In 2001, John returned with his family to his home state, Western Australia (born in Geraldton). However, he continued to operate internationally, leaving the local market to Steve.

With the departure of Steve, John is now the the principal of Hydroscapes Australia and will be actively marketing his services in Australia. He continues to run Hydrogold Pty Ltd (refer to and Hydroscapes Pte Ltd (in Singapore)